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thomas pump company inc
thomas pump company inc
thomas pump company inc
thomas pump company inc
thomas pump company inc


The ACH550 is an adjustable frequency AC drive that achieves the ultimate in flexible motor control performance. Offering two modes of motor control: Scalar (V/Hz) and Sensorless Vector, the ACH550 provides accurate speed control for any squirrel cage motor with drives ranging from 1 to 550 HP.


Electromechanical membrane positive displacement pumps for energy saving performance process and municipal waste transfer applications. Capacity ranges up to 1175 gpm, 2320 psi Lower lifetime costs due to electricity driven and less maintenance required.



Corrosion resistant Centrifugal Pumps. Capacities to 450 GPM, Heads: to 150 PSI.




Belt Filter Press available in sizes ranging from 0.3 meter to 3.2 meters in width. Thickener/Belt Filter Combinations available with all press systems. All S.S, 3-year warranty.



Non-clog solids-handling pumps with cycloseal and redi-prime options. No flushing required.

Industrial Pumps. Submersible non-clog, grinder, self-priming, diaphragm and end suction pumps and accessories.



Stainless steel end suction centrifugal submersible effluent and sewage pumps.

Positive Displacement Rotary Gear Pumps, for oils, solvents, liquids (thin or viscous chemical). OEM units 1-90 GPM in cast iron and stainless steel construction.




Dependable rotary lobe pump solutions. Rated capacities from 300 GPM through 2655 GPM. Working pressure to 145 PSI.

Drip pan elbow; cast iron construction Pump connectors: rubber and stainless steel construction Strainers: Y, basket, duplex, tee, temporary, automatic self-cleaning, suction diffusers, and all types of fabricated strainers Valves: ball, check, butterfly, foot and triple duty Valve actuators: pneumatic and electric.


thomas pump company inc Water Wash Paint Booths, Chemical Process Tanks, Metal Prep Tanks, Coolants and Particulate Recovery.

Close coupled, Frame Mounted and Self-Priming End Suction Pumps for pool applications. Cast iron suction strainers also available.


OEM type small centrifugal in cast iron, stainless steel construction, self-priming, trash, end suction, hot oil, and high heads, flows to 750 GPM, heads to 225 feet.


Regenerative Turbine Pumps, for low capacity, high pressure applications such as boiler feed service, and other low GPM & high pressures 1-60 GPM and high heads to 800 feet through H series, canned stainless centrifugals to 8000 GPM & heads over 700 feet.


High pressure piston and plunger pumps 2 GPM to 600 GPM and standard units up to 3500 PSI .

Close coupled pumps, in-line pumps, end suction pumps, horizontal split case pumps, two stage split case pumps, condensate return units, vertical sump pumps, vertical sewage ejectors, constant pressure systems, boiler feed systems, submersible sump pumps, submersible sewage ejectors, and sewage pumps.


Centrifugal Horizontal and Vertical Axial Mixed Flow Pumps, for municipal water transfer and booster, dewatering, and sewage applications. Capacities: to 100,000 GPM, Heads: up to 1000 ft.


Expansion Joints - Rubber, Metal, Plastic, & Teflon. Sizes to 72" - Pressure to 1300 PSI - Temperature to 300 F.


Helical gear pump to 360 GPM and pressures of 125 PSI, viscosities to 1,000,000 SSU.

The safest most economical way to purify water for any pumping whatsoever. Gas chlorinators, sulphontors, ammoniators and accessories.


Microdynamics closed vessel microwave UV system, a safe reliable and economic
disinfection solutions. Chlortec, on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems.


Submersible Sump Pumps, self priming pumps, submersible sewage ejectors, engine driven self priming pumps.

Vertical turbine and vertical mixed flow and propeller pumps for municipal booster and raw water applications. Capacities to 120,000 GPM, Heads to 1500 feet.


HVAC & Plumbing Systems, pumping, pressurization, air elimination and heat transfer. Packages, heat exchangers, packaged systems, complete line of In-line circulators, and expansion tanks.


Potable & Non-Potable water package booster systems


Potable & Non-Potable water package booster systems.

Rotary Positive Blowers, for air or gases, pneumatics conveying and vacuum applications
Gas-Tight Blowers, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters
Standard Packages, Custom Packages
Capacities: 20 to 8000 CFM, Range: up to 30 PSIG and 27' Hg.




1/4 to 2000 H.P. horizontal, vertical, O.D.P., TEFC, Explosion-proof, varidrive single/ three phase, 115 volt to 4160 volts.

TDV valves, suction diffusers, expansion tanks, air separators, relief valves, air scoops flex connectors, Y and basket strainers, check valves, butterfly valves, circuit balancers, flow measuring devices, heat exchangers.